About Grade "A"

Winnipeg based Grade "A" Millwork is a family owned custom cabinetry company started in 2000 by brothers Mark Silvaggio and Dan Silvaggio.

Mark and Dan grew up in the industry, and started working in the business alongside their father at the age of 13. Their father instilled in his sons the values of quality, craftmanship, and how to build a project properly. Upon completing school, the brothers both chose to gain experience in the industry apart from their father. While working for a variety of local cabinet shops, Mark and Dan learned that not all the participants in the cabinetry industry shared the values of quality and craftmanship taught to them by their father.

In 2000, Mark and Dan decided they could do better. They chose to raise the bar and set a new standard in the Winnipeg cabinetry industry with their very own company: Grade "A" Millwork. Their commitment to values has paid off. Grade A Millwork does no marketing because 97% of their work is brought to them through referrals - a fact they are very proud of. There is no greater compliment that can be given than the referral of a pleased customer.

Grade "A" Millwork only use the highest quality equipment and supplies. Spending additional money on equipment and supplies is not a concern if it means building a better quality product, and therefore a more satisfied client. Our staff is experienced and highly trained, and extremely loyal. We have a very high staff retention rate, which is rare in the Winnipeg cabinetry market, and a fact we're proud of. By treating our employees well, not only is our retention high, but their work is better which again ensures our client a high quality product.

Have a dream of what you would like your kitchen, rec- room, or bathroom to look like? Give us a call and let us make that dream a reality.

Contact Information

2-2091 Plessis Road
Winnipeg, MB R3W 1S4

Phone:(204) 224-4099
Fax:(204) 224-4099